10 tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills

10 tips on How to Improve English Writing Skills

Writing skill is a tough skill,  not just for people who are learning English or doing the IELTS exam preparation but also for those whose mother tongue is English. In our daily life, we don’t often have to write essays or describe graphs in English. We use text messages and email more. But there are certain things which help you to increase your writing skills.

 There are 10 tips to improve their Writing Skills

1.Spelling and grammar

Having a good level of spelling and grammar in your writing that makes your content more engaging also shows that your focus on your work.

For example, if you were to make the smallest grammatical mistake such as writing the incorrect verb in a sentence,  it can make it much more difficult to understand.

“My friend went to Delhi yesterday”

“My friend want to Delhi yesterday”


2. Read more

If you read a lot, you are swallowing a good knowledge of writing into your minds, it gives you the chance to learn from authors who have the greatest English writing skills in the world.

By doing this, you are able to find the mistakes in other people’s work, which will then convert into making fewer of your own mistakes.



It doesn’t matter whether you are making your personal notes or writing an important essay, you are still writing that is so important. Do this daily if you want to improve your writing skills.


4.Outline your Work

This will help you to build up a picture that you can follow as you write, avoiding any worthless text and keeping the piece of writing on track from beginning to end.


5.Keep it Simple

While writing, it is important to consider your target audience. Unless you are writing a  technical script that will be read by those people who will understand the technical word and phrases, you should make your wording simple and easy to understand. This will make your writing appeal to more people and will help you to get your point to others much more easily.

6. Draft, Check and Rewrite

It’s not possible that anything can be done correctly the first time, so check your work, once you have completed it and re-write it. It can really help to improve your writing skills.


7.Learn Your Style

Knowing yourself when it is related to your writing, can benefit you greatly and in turn, improve your writing skills. It is important to know your writing style as this will make it easier for you to research new ways to boost it and keep it on track.


8.Don’t get too wordy

Overusing a word can make your content long but it hides your actual message. If a reader doesn’t get the main message or line of this content. So, they refuse to read your content. If you are trying to write something, you should write it short and clear in your sentences and paragraphs. This will help to make your writing simple and easy to understand.


9.Compare your work

By comparing your writing from your last writing, you will easily be able to compare those two pieces of writing and see how far you have improved. This can motivate you to further improve your writing skills and also help you to identify areas that need more improvement.



Before writing anything, it is important to put in the time to research the subject so that you can be confident that all the data you are referring to is correct. For example, if you are writing about a character that lives in a city and you have never visited the city, in order to make the story believable, you should research that city.


If you have good writing skills, you can make your writing sound, clearer, concise and interesting. Or if your writing skills are not excellent, don’t worry, by following these writing tips you can improve your writing skills. Through this, you can learn how to deliver your piece of work.

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