5 tips to improve your English pronunciation

5 tips to improve your English pronunciation

Are you the one who skips words while talking/reading just because you don’t know how to pronounce it but you know its meaning? Do you ever feel embarrassed when someone interrupts you and correct the pronunciation? Do you have good writing skills but avoid speaking/talking or giving a speech in front of people? If your answer is yes, then you are at the correct place, as the title of this blog suggests, this blog is all about how someone can improve his/her pronunciation and get free from the fear of mispronouncing a word. There is a huge difference between knowing English and being confident enough to speak it in public gatherings. The confidence will come once you know that what you are going to say is correct.

If you are looking forward to learning spoken English, Below are the five tips to improve your English pronunciation:

Don’t just listen, but observe too

If you listen to the words carefully, then you can definitely speak them correctly. A good listener has a high chance of learning quickly so be a good listener. As there are many words in English that sound alike but their spellings are not the same. Once you understand this difference you are ready to go.

Always pay attention to the sounds and words

When it comes to speaking, English can be a tricky language. Some words and sounds are more important than others, like when someone pronounces  “introduce” it sounds like “in-tro-DUCE”. And in many cases, if you will put force on the wrong word, it can change the meaning of that word completely. This will also apply in a sentence if we stress them, the meaning of that sentence will also change.

Take help from Podcasts/videos

There are thousands of video and audio examples available on numerous online platforms that you can use to learn and improve English pronunciation. Podcasts are a more useful way to learn, and there are more than 200 audios files that will train you from pronunciation to stress.

The Shadowing Technique

Shadowing is a really useful way to improve your pronunciation as well as accent. Select an audio/video with subtitles, in which the speaker is communicating at a normal speed. Then just replicate every phrase with the speaker’s rhythm and the “flow”, just like when you copy your sibling to frustrate them, but this time it is for a better cause, It will help you to improve your accent.

The important and hardest part record your voice as you speak

Instantly, this is the hardest part, as no one in the world likes to listen to their own recorded voice. It makes the majority of the people very uncomfortable. But, trust me this move will help you the most as only after listening to your own voice you will come to know how much progress you have made and where is the room for you to make the improvements. And you can also ask a friend to listen to the audio and analyze it with someone else saying the same words.

If the above-mentioned tips seem difficult to you and you think you’ll require external help from experts in this field then there is an option of joining a trusted English speaking course. That will help you professionally and you’ll get better training. Success IELTS online English speaking classes are the perfect solution for you. We provide 20 sessions of 45 minutes from professional trainers according to the syllabus and current demand of students.

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