7 ways to improve your vocabulary

7 ways to improve your vocabulary

Most of us do not spend much time learning new skills because of our busy schedule or some other reasons. If we talk about English vocabulary it is important, it gives confidence and shape to your Spoken skills. Here are some ways to help you start learning new vocabulary words.


            7 tips to improve vocabulary




 1.Develop reading habit :

Learning Vocabulary is the easiest when you use words in your context. Seeing new words appearing in a novel or newspaper article can be more useful than appearing in a vocabulary list. Not only do you come into contact with unfamiliar words; You also see how they have been used.


2.Use the thesaurus and dictionary:

Thesauruses and online dictionaries are helpful resources if used in a proper way. They can jog your memory about synonyms which would actually be better words in terms of what you wrote. A complete definition in dictionary can also tell you about antonyms, root words, and related words, which is another way of learning vocabulary.


3.Play word games:

Play Class games like Scrabble and Boggle can serve as a fun way to expand your English vocabulary. Crossword puzzles can help to expand vocabulary as well. If you really want to be efficient, play these word games with a little note-taking. Keep a list of the various new words you have learned while playing these games, and then study that list regularly.


4.Use flashcards :

 A fast way to learn a large number of new vocabulary words is to study a number of words via flashcards. In current digital world, a wide range of Smartphone apps make flashcards convenient and easy to organize. Aiming for one new word in a day is not difficult. You can go for more, but memorizing dozens of English words in every single day is not reasonable.


5.Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds :

Some web platforms will give you a word on a daily basis—either on a website, an app, through social media or via email—to help you expand your vocabulary list. You can use these words to your running vocabulary lists.


6.Use mnemonics:

A mnemonic (memory) device that’s help you to remember words’ definitions and proper uses.  For example, think of the word as “flattery trying to take the side of influential people”. Breakdown that term into small parts: “obse” is the beginning of “obsessed,” “qui” sounds like the French word for “yes” (oui), and “us” is like the word “us.” So you can think of that big word obsequious as “obsessed with saying yes to us”—which is kind of what it means!

7.Practice using new words in conversation:

 It is possible to collect a huge vocabulary without actually knowing how to use the words. This means that you have to take it on yourself to use your personal dictionary. If you find an interesting word in your reading, make a point to use it in conversation. By using low-bet situations, you can practice the art of word choice and, with a little trial and error, on the correct word for a particular context.


Conclusion :

 If you are good in vocabulary, it makes your writing and speaking skills more effective and attractive. If you are not, you can take helps from other sources such as you can learn from the best English training institute, or following these tips it can help you to increase your vocabulary.

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