How to learn english at home for beginner

How to learn english at home for beginner


Did you ever realize that English is the most widely-spoken language in the world?  Do you really want to learn English at home ??

let us tell you some facts about English. twenty percentage (20%) of the world’s population speaks English. That’s 1.5 billion folks out of the world’s seven billion population!

English is spoken in 118 countries and it’s the official language in fifty-nine (59) countries. It’s spoken not only in the Western countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia but also in European countries, across Asia, Africa, Middle-east & South-America. So in this article we will tell you about how to learn english at home without going anywhere.

Why should I learn English language? 

To begin with, knowing English is so useful! It opens-up your doors to plenty of opportunities and helps you participate in the job market across the world.

A language could be a medium of expression and knowing a typical medium offers you the chance to attach with many folks, learn new things, and exchange ideas.

Plus, English contains a treasure of excellent several fascinating things like books, scientific studies, movies, music, and a lot of works, and knowing the language can provide you with access to all or any of these concepts. And you know very well about English that it’s a language of the internet.


what should I do if I can’t speak English very well? 


Knowing sensible spoken English has become so common that an individual who can’t speak the language well, often feels bad or sometimes feels ridiculed.

But, do you know that out of the 1.5 billion English speakers on the earth, about 750 million are non-native speakers (non-native means people whose first language is not English)? It means that you don’t have to take birth in an English-speaking country or family to know the English language. but the fact is English is one of the easiest languages to be learned. You can be a  master  With the right strategy along with  material and the right guidance


How can  I begin to learn spoken English language? 

First, you can start with self-assessment. Take a self-assessment of your level of English to check where you stand. There are so many English tools that can help you in evaluating your status. Once you check your level then collect the right data and guidance for you.

Levels of English language 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Get tips if you are a Beginner :

If you are a beginner or new to English and really want to learn English quickly, then you are at the right place. We will tell you some basic but most effective way to learn English at home.

All beginners struggle to find the right solution. The best way to start is learning through a trainer or teacher. Need not enroll yourself in a class. A number of videos and other materials are available on the internet. But it depends on the student’s ability to learn. But we can say that basic of english grammer is so important.

You can download the free learning app and start learning from there. Many apps have lessons paced as per the requirement of every learner and you can choose a number of lessons for a particular day. The best thing with some apps is that they also have sessions for revisions. Revisions become boring sometimes so these apps make revisions in a fun manner through quick tests.

You can check your progress every day in the following manner


 1.Sit in front of the T.V.

Watch tv to check what are the new sentences being marquee on a news channel. Copy the style from anchor or host but remember you have to go with the English channel.

2.Keep a Diary / Blog in English

You can note down the words or sentences new for you. Try to write a few paragraphs on any title or word. You can go with writing an article containing at least 200-300 characters.

 3.Play Video Games in English

It may be awkward to many people, but you can play games in English. Use earphones or some other device that suits you. Try to understand the conversation of players in video games.

4.Host a Cultural Event at Home

You can organize a small event for the gathering of your friends and find the reason to promote yourself in front of your friends and try to express yourself in English.

5.Study Grammar and Vocab Online

English vocab is very important if you want to become a good speaker or want to be a master in English. Without vocab, you can not get anything remarkable in English. You should have plenty of words in your mind’s dictionary.

6.Listen to the Radio

Radio is also a good medium. You can listen to what the anchor is saying on the radio. Because many times we understand another person that what he is trying to say by their expression but in radio, we can not have any idea. So in English listening to someone is also important.


learn english at home

Should I go for Online English Classes?

If you think you need a trainer for fast learning you must try online English classes from your home. The best trainer will guide you according to your performance and level. He or she will teach you from the basics and will take you to the advanced level of English. So we can say apart from this, there are many benefits  of online english classes.  click here to know

If you are looking for the best online English-speaking class then you should join Success IELTS Classes. Their expert trainer will guide you for the best.


Final Step of learning english at home

Practice makes you perfect , so do not leave the practice. The important part of English is correct pronunciation. so you have to learn english and must  improve your pronunciation as well. you can get the 5 tips to improve pronunciation here.








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